I am always happy to hear from students with excellent academic records, and an interest in researching the following broad topics (in contemporary or historical perspective):

  • Chinese foreign and security policy

  • International order and ideational approaches to the study of IR

  • The nexus between economic and security issues

We are currently considering supervision requests for Honours in International Security Studies for entry in February 2020. I am willing to consider supervising theses related to China and international order, from a contemporary or historical perspective. I particularly seek applicants interested in theoretically-informed analysis, using Chinese- or Japanese-language sources, of the following topics: 

  • Chinese approaches to overseas development, foreign aid or infrastructure investment projects;

  • Chinese conceptions of the nexus between security and development;

  • Chinese conceptions of Japan’s development model, and infrastructure cooperation with Japan; and

  • China’s involvement in post-WWII institutions, based on new archival sources.

I am currently supervising or co-supervising PhD students working on the following topics:

  • Understanding China’s engagement with global economic governance: the case of the G20

  • Japan's regional diplomacy in the 1970s: Negotiations for a post-Cold War identity and strategic bargain

  • The role and evolution of Chinese maritime security actors

I have previously supervised the following thesis topics to successful completion:


  • Reliability and interdependence in America’s Asian Alliance System


  • The evolution of Australian Government threat perceptions of Indonesia within the policy development process, 1957-1965

  • Japan’s strategic partnerships in Southeast Asia: A comparative analysis of the Vietnam and Philippines’ cases

  • The capability race in Southeast Asia: Focusing on the military metric that matters

  • China’s emerging cyber power: elite discourse and political aspirations


  • Fukoku Kyohei? Japan’s modern industrial development and its relationship with the First Sino-Japanese War

  • Comparing Chinese nationalism in the East China Sea and South China Sea

On writing:

I've learned a lot about the process of writing from reading writers and academics talk about their writing. Below are some pieces that I often recommend to graduate students: